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Our FinTech and New Economy Committee is pleased to have invited Dr. Milo Liu, Investment Director & Head of Research of AJ Asset Management Ltd, to share with us his expertise in healthcare industry.

With the effect of Chapter 18A of the HKEX Listing Rules and the rising trend of overseas students returning back to China to start businesses, a large number of unprofitable healthcare start-ups have come to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In recent years, these high-valued and high-growth companies have become hot spots.
There are many sub-sectors within healthcare industry, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, distributions, CRO/CDMO, medical equipment, etc. 
Due to the uniqueness of business, healthcare companies have their own characteristics of valuation methods. DCF plus pipeline or multiples comparison are two most commonly used valuation method for healthcare industry. 
Since the beginning of 2021, given the uncertainty of external macro environment (such as mass vaccination, economic recovery expectations, inflation expectations, shrinking balance sheet expectations, etc.), the valuation of healthcare sector has fluctuated significantly. To learn more about the potential healthcare investing opportunities based on fundamental research, welcome to join us on the coming seminar.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Milo Liu
Investment Director & Head of Research 
AJ Asset Management Ltd
  • Mr. Liu spent a total of 9 years of his 13 years of work experience focused on the healthcare industry, with extensive knowledge in pharmaceutical (including biotech), services, and distribution industries;
  • Before serving as Investment Director of AJAM, he was the head of AJ Securities’ research department, focusing on in-depth research on the pharmaceutical sector. Initiated and maintained a total of 17 coverage including 6 biotech and 11 pharmaceutical companies;
  • Worked in many bulge-bracket and reputable Chinese firms, including BoAML, HSBC, BOCOM and China Merchants Securities International, etc;
  • Hold Ph.D degree in Economics from Nankai University.
  • 13年的工作經歷中9年主攻醫藥行業, 對製藥(包括生物醫藥), 醫療服務以及分銷等子行業具有豐富的行業知識 
  • 任職此職位前為安捷證券研究部主管,重點對醫藥行業進行深入研究,團隊覆蓋17家醫藥上市公司, 其中包括較具有代表性生物科技類公司以及CRO/CDMO類 
  • 曾在多家外資中資公司工作,包括美林(新加坡)、滙豐、交銀國際以及招商證券(國際)等
  • 持有南開大學經濟學博士學位

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